First Coffee Club with Parents

First Coffee Club with Parents

On Thursday Dec. 13, 2018, our Wings Director, Katy Allamong, met with parents for some coffee and pastries. The first item on Ms. Allamong’s list was a technology capacity matrix for parents to answer. The technology capacity matrix allowed Ms. Allamong to have a clear understanding on the amount of knowledge that parents have on technology. After discussing the results of the matrix, Ms. Allamong asked parents what they would like to learn and/or see at our program this upcoming year. The parents and some students used post-its to answer the question through an Affinity Diagram. We came up with many great ideas!

The Affinity Diagram gave Ms. Allamong a great head start for 2019 by giving her an understanding and idea on how she plans to organize the remaining academic year. It was through the Affinity Diagram that Ms. Allamong received the suggestion to create a weekly assignment tracker for our students. The tracker aims to keep our students from falling behind on daily lessons and will be used beginning the week of January 14, 2019.

Ms. Allamong spoke to parents about the Parent School Site Council and its purpose. We need at least three parents to serve a role on the School Site Council and by the end of our Coffee Club we had two parents sign up! We are hoping to sign at least one more parent by the end of the month. Ms. Allamong, her staff, and the parents became excited for future Coffee Clubs.

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