Wings Students Participate in CA Mock Elections

Wings Students Participate in CA Mock Elections

By Carol Castro
Wings Learning Facilitator

During our Wings Mock Elections, our students were able to better understand the process and the importance of voting. Mr. Guzmán and I created a 30-minute powerpoint that informed our students of the propositions along with the candidates running for Governor and Senator of CA. For each proposition, I explained what a “Yes” or “No” vote meant and spoke to our students about the different political parties and informed them about voting statistics. I had students read some of the slides in hopes of getting them intrigued. My goal was to get them to understand the importance of voting, especially at their age. After my presentation I handed our students a voting ballot along with a print out of the slides I had presented. Our students had the opportunity to get a glimpse of the voting process by using the information provided to them.

The majority of our students had not heard about the Midterm Elections that are coming up. Those who had heard about them only knew that they will be taking place in November. Our students were confused as to why I was talking to them about elections, since the majority of them are not yet eligible to vote. I emphasized the importance of being aware and informed of any elections, regardless of their age. During the presentation some students asked questions about what the different political parties stood for and the effects that some propositions would have on people from their own community.

Currently, two of our students are eligible to vote and I took my time in informing them about the process of registering to vote, and offered my assistance with any questions they may have during the process. Overall our students responded very well with our Mock Elections and gained knowledge about the impact that they have when they decide to vote.

To see the results of our elections please visit:

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