Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



What is Ingenium Wings Independent Study (IWIS)?

IWIS is a free independent study charter school in California. We operate our school under the California Law governing independent study charter schools and serve California students.  

IWIS is an approved charter by the Compton Unified School District and we follow California state standards for education.

What is independent study?

Independent study…

  1. Allows students to study at their own pace within the attendance requirements.
  2. Creates a bridge between the school and the community.
  3. Challenges each student to excel in his or her area of special interest and abilities.
  4. Provides an alternative for students to achieve competency and mastery in basic skills.
  5. Allows children to be educated at home.
  6. Encourages the student’s resourcefulness.
  7. Facilitates the student’s active participation in his or her own education.
  8. Offers real flexibility in the design of an educational program.
  9. Offers effective educational choices to students and families.
Where is the school located?

400 S. Santa Fe Ave. Compton, CA 90221.

Our office number is 323-880-4669

What are the office hours at the resource center?

Weekdays from 8:00am – 4:00pm
and on Wednesdays 8:00am – 1:00pm

Do I have to live in Compton to attend?

Not necessarily. Students may attend IWISS from anywhere in Los Angeles county or an adjacent county.

Is transportation for students provided by the school?

At this time, all families must make their own arrangements to ensure their student arrives at school and returns home safely.



How many hours per week does my child need to go to be on campus?

The number of hours will vary from student to student depending on how much support they need. All students must attend these mandatory meetings when scheduled. If the student needs to come in for additional time to study, or use the labs, time can be arranged through their teacher or front desk staff.

Grades K-5: Enrichment and group appointments are 2 times a week for 1.5 hours

Grades 6-8: Enrichment and group appointments are 2 times a week for 3 hours

Grades 9-12: Appointments are 2 times a week for 1.5 hours
Additional time may be required for core classes.

All of these appointment times are in addition to the work students must complete at home.

What if it is too far for my child to actually come to the school, how will they participate in their check-in times?

The student will be able to participate in their check-in times over Google Hangout. The expectations for participation will still be the same as if they were in the school. With prior approval, accommodations can be made for students and families with limited transportation to have less scheduled in-person appointments. Students will still need to come to the IWIS school at least once a month.

This option is also available on a case by case basis if students are unable to come in physically to an appointment.

Do I have to live in Compton to attend?

Not necessarily. Students may attend IWIS from anywhere in LA county or an adjacent county.

Kern | Orange | San Bernardino | Ventura

Where do I go if I have a concern?

The first step is to call or e-mail your child’s teacher. If you continue to have concerns, you may contact the principal or assistant principal. It is important to prearrange a time to see your child’s teacher or an administrator.

Will my child receive a written schedule of what he will have to do during a regular school day at home?

We will be working with your child to teach them time management skills and show them how to schedule out their day to complete their learning. Grades K-5, your teacher will be working directly with you, the parent, to create a schedule at home.

If I want to spend more time on music, art, acting or sports, can I be in independent study?

Yes! Students often enroll in independent study so they can spend more time pursuing areas for which they are passionate.In some cases, students can also earn credit for these specialty areas of study.

How many credit hours do I need to complete in order to finish the program to graduate?
That depends on how many credits you have left to complete. Your teacher will look at your transcript(s) and help you map out the classes you need to take. If you stay on track with your units, you could finish one semester of learning in two months or less.
What if I don’t have a computer or internet access at home? How do I complete my learning activities?

IWIS will have a check-out system for computer Chromebooks for students to take home and bring to their required appointments. Families who qualify for SNAP are eligible for an internet discount with AT&T as low as $10/month, IWIS is able to provide these families the necessary information to set this service up.

Can my child complete learning assignments on their phone?

It depends on the assignment. For the most part, a computer will be a better tool for learning. A phone will be useful in reading and writing e-mails or corresponding with a teacher.

Will there be any other expenses for attending Wings?

The school is free to qualifying students living in California. However, there may be other optional expenses that occur from time-to-time and parents will be notified ahead of time.

If I drop off my child at the resource center, who will be eligible to pick them up?

A. When you register, we will ask whoever is filling out the paperwork to indicate who is allowed to pick up the student.

What role should parents be prepared to take when their child is in independent study?

Parents, especially those who have students in grades K-8, will have a very active role. Younger students need extra support as they build their knowledge and responsibility, and the parent’s role will be to facilitate this at home. The students will get time to collaborate and learn with their teacher twice a week, but the parent will be responsible for the student staying on track.

How can parents support their child at home?

IWIS will require parental support and guidance. Parents and families will need to be prepared to support their child by:

  • Providing a quiet place at home where students can study and complete their learning assignments.
  • Monitoring daily lessons (text-based curriculum, K-8).
  • Monitoring their child’s progress (online curriculum, 6-12).
  • Cooperating with teachers to plan and navigate the daily academic schedule.
  • ensuring the child is completing learning.
  • Collaborating with the IWISS teachers.
  • Preparing students for their weekly visits either virtually or at the resource center.
  • Assisting with the regular submission of learning samples.
  • Preparing students for assessments.
  • Ensuring students have the necessary virtual school technology (high speed internet, updated browsers, plugins and settings, speakers and microphones, as applicable) and know how to use it.
Can students 19-21 register?
  • If the student is turning 19 after the school year starts, they are eligible to register.
  • If the student is 19 or older but has been continuously enrolled (with no break in enrollment-not even a day) in a public school, they are eligible to register.
  • If the student is 19 or older and has not been enrolled in school, they will have to register at an adult school.
If I am a student who drops out of high school, can I enroll in this program to recover my credits and graduate from high school?

Absolutely. You can recover your credits with IWIS and graduate with us, or transfer back to your previous school once you catch up. However, if you are 19 or older and have not been enrolled in a public school since you were 18, we will be unable to enroll you at IWIS.